Two Daughter’s Bakeshop – Website ReDesign


SPECS: Mockup built in Adobe XD, Wireframes in MockFlow and proposal formatted using Canva.


The purpose of this proposal is to suggest ways the company can improve their website to optimize searchability and increase conversion rates.

THE PROBLEM: Their site it already good and functional but can be improved and optimized for the user. The problem is trying to figure out how to demonstrate this to convince the owner it is worth the expense to correct these issues.

THE SOLUTION: I started by writing down usability flaws I came across, then did a competitive analysis on three other websites for companies similar to hers. I then formatted it in a report that I could give to her as a proposal and created mockups and wireframes to visually demonstrate improvements I wish to make and how it would look in the end.



Once the proposal was finished, I drafted wireframes for the redesign of the site. I assessed what I needed to add/remove to consolidate the site and drafted wireframes for the mockups I created in the second pdf and viewable in the InVision Prototype.

  • DATE: July 2018
  • PROGRAMS: MockFlow, Adobe XD, InVision, Canva
  • ROLE: UI/UX Designer & Information Architect
  • OBJECTIVE: To inform and promote
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: All genders, middle to upper class, 20-55 years old, very friendly, parents/customers with dietary restrictions, health conscious individuals, cafe/restaurant owners