Responsive Design – Gif Creation


SPECS: Animation created in After Effects, exported as a Gif in Photoshop.


The purpose of designing this gif was to demonstrate the meaning of responsive web design in an easily digestible format.

THE PROBLEM: Web design needs to be responsive and a lot of people don’t know what that means or what to expect when paying additional for responsive web design. If you try to explain it verbally, some people may not undesratnd duee to age disparencies or language barriers.

THE SOLUTION: By creating a gif, the user is able to watch it cycle through numerous times. Although the first cycle is a lot to take in, after watching it a couple times, you start to understand and can grasp the concept of what is happening in under a minute.  

  • DATE: August 2018


  • PROGRAMS: After Effects & Photoshop


  • OBJECTIVE: Designer & Animator 


  • TARGET AUDIENCE: All genders, all ages