Encore Catering – Website ReDesign


ORIGINAL SITE: www.encorecatering.ca

SPECS: InVision pototype built using Photoshop, tests created in Usability Hub, Creative Brief and Usability Report formatted using Canva The purpose of these reports was to learn how to completely redesign a website from start to finish. I learned all the different aspects that need to be taken into consideration in order to design a website and how to best demonstrate my vision of the new site to allow for and perform proper testing before moving a project to the development stage.

THE PROBLEM: Find an exisitng site and design them a completely new website using current UI/UX design principles

THE SOLUTION: Work through the entire Information Architecture and designing process, taking into account all the different user types, demographics, and purposes. I came up with new way of displaying the various menus to help users narrow their search quickly and clearly using filter options by dietary restriction, popularity and price. I created an entire creative brief, prototype, usability test and report to demonstrate the new features and final website.  


As the site mostly consisted of just menus and limited information on the home page, I had to figure out the best way to reorganize all the information in a more intuitive and methodical manner. Starting with a sitemap, I worked my way through the steps, designing a creative brief to take into account various scenarios of how the site would be used, doing competetive analysis’ and considering new features that are critical now and others for future improvement.  


Once the creative brief was complete, I desgined full wireframes and mock ups for the website to help bring my vision to life and be able to test it’s functionality and make improvements before it moves to the development stage. I uploaded it to InVision in order to complete the task tests, and used Usability Hub to perform 3 other tests: 5 second, click and preference tests. Once built, I identified the various personas and goals of the site, then performed thorough testing to see if these held true when put to the test. I then analyzed all the results and made adjustments accordingly to improve the functionality.    


  • DATE: January 2018


  • PROGRAMS: Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision, Usability Hub, Canva


  • OBJECTIVE: To inform, promote and delight


  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Men and women, middle to upper class, 26-60 years old, very social, amiable people, like to host parties/events and have a lor of friends/large network base