Mythbusters Copycat Intro – Illustrated Puppet Pin Animation


SPECS: H.264 – 720x1280p – 58 seconds

The purpose of building this video was to demonstrate a knowledge of After Effects and use of the puppet pin tools. The guidelines were to create a short, animated intro that sets up an episode of Mytbusters. I recreated their style of using vector graphics and masked photos combined to depict the storyline. 

I needed to create all the components of the video before starting to compile the scenes including the illustrated backdrops, characters, storyline, script and voiceover. 

COLLABORATORS: Taylor Bortolussi – Voiceover & Model



Planning the video idea, I researched many Mythbusters episodes and this was one that was actually tested on the show but didn’t have an animated intro.

I started by planning out the script and what scenes I wanted to create.

I then vectorized the car based off of a photo I took.  I then drew the various backgrounds and objects in Illustrator, using real photos for the road scene as the car is already an illustration and wanting to have a combination of both in every scene. 

I photographed my friend in various positions, in order to cut, mask and crop him for the various scenes. Not having worn a suit, I had to photoshop that onto him from a photo I found from Pixabay for the office worker character.

Once finished, I added in the voiceover and the sound effects.  

  • DATE: May 2018


  • PROGRAMS: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop


  • ROLE: Graphic Designer, Animator, Video Editor


  • OBJECTIVE: To entertain through goofy visuals, audio and decoupage of layered illustrations and photos


  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Men and women, all ages, enjoy the show Mythbusters and short animations